Bring Back the Bots

IMHO the bots were the best thing that has happened in Zwift for a long-time. I’ve done many years of group rides, workouts etc etc and the bots were terrific! Where else could I learn new phrases like ‘Hard Yakka?’
Last weekend Coco went a little off-plan and then boom! An update and then the bots disappear?
Yes, they are Future Works, but to me and others, they were Now Works - far better than anything else.
I am stuck at level 50 with drops galore, a Tron and too many jerseys. The bots made it worthwhile. Am I forced to go to RGT and the new Veloton platform with their phalanx of bots - on demand?
Please bring them back and drop the rain or some other useless feature and allow them space.
Ride on - Dave.

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