Bring back Pacer bot location without HUD/graphics

I love riding with the pacer bots and normally turn off the HUD. The location of the bot behind you still showed until the latest update. Now you get too far ahead without knowing it.


That was a bug. No HUD was supposed to mean no HUD but it was broken for a while.

Yes it was a bug, but it was a really useful one.

How about if the Robopacers had a different icon on the companion app map? Then we could see where they are relative to our avatar without the need for the clutter on screen.


I asked for that a while ago. Then the “bug” happened and I stopped asking. Plus, I think there is a latency between the game and what my iPhone shows.

I think a customizable HUD would be ideal, each element could be turned on or off independently via settings menu or actions bar. There’s an option in the actions bar to enable or disable the power/HR graph in the bottom of the screen, that option could be expanded to include other elements (leaderboards, telemetry boxes, mini map, nearby list, riders labels).

Yes, I know it’s been requested many times (e.g. customizable hud and Customizable HUD).

While we have only the option to turn HUD on or off, I suppose off means everything hidden, not everything except the one I like.