Body Language

Zwift provides indicators in the form of body language. Most of it is understandable, but there is one I haven’t figured out, so am wondering if anyone else knows.

What does it mean when an avatar’s pedal stroke length is dramatically shortened? That is, when the feet only move up and down a little.

It happens very infrequently. At first I thought it meant “soft-pedaling”, but my power and cadence are normal each time it happens. I also thought it might mean that my power-meter cut out momentarily, but when my power-meter does cut out momentarily, the feet don’t respond this way. They also don’t behave that way when I actually soft-pedal.

Any ideas?

Also am wondering if there are any body language indicators I haven’t noticed.

The ones I’m aware of are:
- the hand wave triggered by a keystroke
- the elbow signal triggered by a keystroke
- the pedaling cadence sort of matching real-life cadence
- the stand-up crouch with rapid swaying indicating a sprint
- full tuck and head very low indicating a TT bike
- full tuck but head not very low, indicating not drafting, but not on TT bike
- upright position indicating drafting in affect

Are there any others?

By the way, regarding that last one, someone else pointed out it would be very informative if the display indicated a percentage draft. That would be at the very least interesting, but also especially useful for those with steering capability.

…or just not moving very fast.

The super tuck position, typically seen when going 57km/h or better on an 8% or better downgrade and not pedaling.

Standing to climb–cadence of 72 or less on a 3% or better climb.

I think this happens when the program is resynchronizing your avatar’s cadence with yours.

Happens in a sticky draft.

Oh, right, how could I forget about the standing up posture? I’ve noticed that it seems to be dependent on a combination of power and cadence, but hadn’t previously considered % grade.

Also, I forgot about the simulated drinking. Maybe that’s Zwift’s way of reminding people to drink. It seems to happen more on hard rides, so maybe it’s a function of effort?

Interesting. Will have to pay more attention to that.