Bluetooth to ipad or direct into laptop

I have a Tacx vortex and i connect via WIFI to my ipad, there is a little lag but I’m not serious enough to be concerned about it. What is bugging me though is my ability to maintain my wattage when going up hill. On the flat I can maintain 260 but as I hit a hill it drops to under 200 and I go backwards. I realise it could just be me!!! But climbing up steep stuff is what I’m best at. I’m wondering could it be my trainer? Should I use lap top plugged directly into internet rather than wifi to ipad? how much better are direct drive Wahoo Kickr’s more accurate??

Can you give a clear explanation of how your trainer is connect to Zwift? You mention Bluetooth in the title and then mention WiFi in the post.

If you are using a PC I would recommend an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension and using a hard wired connection for your internet access.

I am confused on how you have everything setup.

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sorry it should read wifi. I’ve just looked further into this and discovered wattage of over 250 and low cadence can cause my trainer to over heat and I should put a fan close to it