Better user experience


My feedback would be…

When using the companion app I would like to give a specific rider a thumbs up but the zoom level you allow makes this very difficult.

How to improve = add more zoom levels

Map view top right of screen-
What I care about here is the gradient I am riding/going to be riding - the gradient is mighty small in the map.

How to solve = allow riders to adjust the relationship of gradient to map. For me I would like the gradient to be represented as large as the map.


Regarding your first item: I am guessing you would be talking about riders close to you, if you’re thinking another level of zoom would help. Have you tried clicking on the ‘Zwifters’ icon at the bottom of the Companion app screen? This will give you a list of other Zwifters nearby. From this you can scroll up or down a bit (your name is generally in the center but, if not, you can double-tab on the Nearby header and it will re-center for you). Once you find the name you’re looking for, select it and then tab the ‘Ride On’ button in their profile.

A bit cumbersome, for sure, but I think it might accomplish your need until there is another option.