Beta Feedback

Running on a 2015 MacBook Pro with Kickr.

When I logged in for the first time the program took me to the customisation screen, now after the pairing screen, it takes me straight to the Ride Now screen. How do I get to the customisation screen?

The display on the MacBook screen displays between the bar at the top and the dock at the bottom so they are always on screen. How do you make it full screen? The green button does not do this!

Bit pointless having the AI bot split times for sprint sections. Would prefer just real people split times.

Best Lap time and +/- for current lap somewhere on the screen would be nice.



Hit the ‘t’ on the keyboard to get to the customization screen. Hit the ‘a’ key to get to ant+ setup, ‘m’ to send a message to other riders, ‘u’ to change from imperial to metric, 1-9,0 : pick a different camera angle, F1-F10: gestures and rider callouts. If you click on any name on the right side of the screen, you can follow that rider.

  1. Click customize from the pause screen, or hit ‘T’ on the keyboard at any time
  2. Full screen for mac is coming in about 1-2 weeks. In the meantime making your dock auto-hide will buy you a larger zwift window.
  3. AI’s will not be on leaderboards once the times are all tracked on the server. This change will also go live in 1-2 weeks. Leaderboards are being rewritten currently.
  4. I’ll have to think about this one.

Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down for us. Cheers.

Thank you for the swift responses!
One other slight glitch on initial launch of the program on the MacBook is that Zwift comes up on the top bar (next to the Apple icon) as the active program, however none of these tabs (Apple icon, Zwift, etc) are clickable until the Zwift program window has been minimised and another program opened (i.e. Safari). The Zwift window can then be maximised again and the tabs are clickable again.
Apologies for my dodgy Mac terminology, only just bought the MacBook after Windows machine packed up a couple of months ago!
Cannot fault the graphics experience on the MacBook pro. Don’t know how much better they are rendered on a dedicated gaming PC?


…and another thing!

Not that I’m competitve or anything, but curious as to how the leaderboards are derived which are uploaded to Strava? Are people with Smart Trainers compared alongside those without? In other words, if you have a normal turbo trainer, presumably you can have it on an easy setting and speed round the island? How do you make all this work?
Should people with similar setups (i.e. Kickrs) be riding together to provide added realism?


You did ask for feedback!