Beta Feedback Recap & January Update

Rubberbanding is the most wanted feature among all our 20ish members. It is a blocker for now for making the club events the standard and we are still using meetups.

I hope this has moved on from the “discovery” phase it was two weeks ago.


Really a somewhat OT query, but can any event organizer (not Clubs but for regular Zwift “Ride” events) specify rubber-banding? I haven’t happened across such an event, only seen on “training” events, so just curious if is this a current ability if someone wanted to do such a thing?

You can specify “Keep Everyone Together” if you host a personal meetup.

Right, I was aware of that. But do regular event setups also allow “keep everyone together”. Not that they would necessarily ever consider, but could a typical TdZ or Herd ride have that enabled if the organizer wanted to do this? I guess I’m just wondering if this doesn’t exist currently, maybe that’s why it isn’t already available for Club rides if those are setup with the same menu options available.

I think you’re right, it is not available as an event option outside of group workouts, as far as I can tell. @James_Zwift should be able to confirm.

Thank you all for the feedback around “rubberbanding” or “keeping everyone together”. To be fully transparent, there are two different systems that have been created. One that is used in workouts as most of you see and the other that is used for meetups.

Both have limitations and isn’t a state that we can make available for everyone without it being significantly flawed. We are looking at options to see if we can have some form of this available in Clubs for everyone to use. I am meeting with people internally to discuss the current state of this functionality to see how we can get it into everyones hands.


On this point @Eddy_Lee would be cool to see Club riders witg most km ridden and m climbed. Would be good for some inner club helathy competition :wink:

@Eddy_Lee another one would be club owner to be able to select a pre-defined set of concatenated tags.

So for example being able to tag race events with club name + races. Tag Group Rides club name + groupride etc etc

Then we could share links such as The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App with the specific tags.

Morning Eddy, +1 for rubberbanding in club events. One thing that we are trying to make easier (but haven’t found a way yet) is to schedule screen texts in a ride/event of our club, exactly as you can do in workouts. We are organizing our events and our “concept” is to offer to our club members Nutrition Tips every 30’. At the moment, I write down the tips in my iphone’s notes and copy/paste them, but it is not easy as you can lose the pace, forget to post them exactly every 30’ etc. Any chance to see that feature in the coming weeks or any suggestion on how I can do it now? Thank you for your reply in advance!

As you have your internal convos regarding adding rubber-band functionality, for club rides, what may further be desirable is an ability for ride leader to able to turn the rubber-banding on and off at a whim during the ride – kinda like I think I’ve read is possible with fences. This would allow participation in course sprint segments, or have final mini-races at the finish (eg. last 5km or whatnot).


I like that idea i’ve also been very keen to see the ability to change leader/sweep on the fly mid ride would be a great feature to share the work.

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I’d like to give my club letters to summarize the club name … mine would be AG1 for the “ABC Green 123” club. How do I link my club to my racing team on ZwiftPower that has the same name?

There is no link between Zwift Clubs and Zwiftpower Teams at the moment.

Hey @Eddy_Lee , is there an eta for individual TT mode rolling out to clubs? Our club have next round of our series rolling out middle of March, normally the events team set these up for us but we can do it ourselves if TT mode is available in clubs

Just providing an update for everyone regarding rubberbanding or keeping everyone together. We have made improvements and will make it available soon as an event setting. As we try to continue to improve this experience, it is something that our core game team is looking into to improve.

I want to set expectation with the community that there might be some negative behavior to expect:

  • Avatars may move in unnatural ways, this has been improved by pack dynamics 3.0 but still may feel weird at times.
  • You may feel like you are moving too slowly if you are a stronger rider in the rubberband and that is because you are. The mechanics work in a way that penalizes stronger riders and benefits weaker riders to keep everyone together.

This sounds like it is similar to rubberbanding in Meetups then which is acceptable in the case of my group.

Any updates on push notifications for club events and chats?

I’ll be providing an official update tomorrow, but push notifications should be available in the next release scheduled to be available later this month.


Great news. Today is a good Zwift news day.

Are workouts close too?

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We have been working on the ability to search and join a club. Once we are complete with that, we will be picking up club workouts next.


Brilliant news, thank you!

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