Best Treadmill for Zwift running

Ah ok, very good, that burst the myth I had in my head that the treadmill worked like say a smart turbo trainer and ERG. So that does open up the number of treadmills then.


Read some other threads I’ve commented on as these cover your options.

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You MAY need something to report speed. Many treadmills are smart enough to report running parameters to zwift.

I was replying about the treadmill the OP mentioned which means they WILL need something to report speed.

It’s not a smart treadmill.

I stand corrected. Sorry.

Hey @Niall_O_Gorman_AMS ! The treadmill options are endless and there are a lot of good recommendations in this thread already, but I thought I would share this article as well in terms of what Zwift has outlined for Compatible Running Hardware. Some key areas to research for treadmills specifically are cost, belt size, cushioning, size, weight, warranty, motor, max speed/incline, etc. Some treadmills require an additional membership to use certain functionality within the console, so that’s important to keep in mind as well. I wish the perfect (and affordable) treadmill existed, but it’s slightly different for everyone. And I wouldn’t count out other treadmill brands not listed such as the one you suggested, but you may just have to do some additional research or use a footpod. Hope this helped even a little!



Are there any plans to update that article you’ve linked?

It’s woefully out of date given the numbers of new Zwift compatible treadmills on the market and the demise of some of the running pods you’ve mentioned.

Also the numbers of watches with virtual run modes is far greater.

I know you’ll never be able to keep it ultra accurate but that article must be closing in on 5 years out of date.

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Hi there. Don’t mean to be rude, but if you’re not an AI bot, you certainly sound like one.

Ludicrous prices on some of those compatible treadmills…
Since Zwift is into hardware now, no plans to do a “ZwiftHub” approach to treadmills? A no-nonsense, quality treadmill without all the bells and whistles but meant to run Zwift on connected hardware.
Must be a market there. Just saying.

The list of compatible treadmills has just been updated. There are some more affordable options on there.

Hey, i am somewhat new into the treadmill/Zwift game.
I’ve been running with Zwift on several Hotel treadmills around the globe, mostly with my iPad and either a Stryd Pod or my Garmin as a speed sensor.
Now I am actually looking into buying a treadmill myself. As I am very tall and fairly heavy, I have made by far the best experiences on slatbelt treadmills. That’s why I will be going for a used Woodway or the new Technogym Run.

As I understand, both Technogym and Woodway offer Bluetooth FTSM. And from DCRainmaker‘s review of the Technogym MyRun, they are open to their Treadmills being controlled by Zwift, but Zwift haven’t taken them up on it.
Now my question is, are there already Treadmills that can be controlled by Zwift? And are there any plans on integrating it for Technogym and Woodway?
I am not really looking for incline control, but rather speed control during structured workouts.

No. There are no treadmills that can do this directly in Zwift. Nor are there any plans to.

You can however do out using a 3rd party app such as Runcline, Kinni or QZ Domyos