Bernie is silent

All other bots are talkative. Bernie hasn’t said a word in weeks.

Source: 50km a day with Bernie for several weeks.

So you’re saying Bernie is working better than the others? :grinning:


he’s the strong silent type. given what some of them do say that’s not a bad thing

*she !!! :smile::smile::smile:

oops, sorry Bernie. I rode with a real Bernie once and she would definately have been insulted!

Short for “Bernadette!” (I assume, since she’s French :fr:)

must be a different bernie

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Correction. Half the bots are silent.

I wanted to see how long it would take for anyone to notice. Answer: two months.


Oh, I noticed right away, @James_Zwift, but figured it was a game glitch that’d be sorted out. :wink: