Bent wheel

Hi everyone!
I just got my Taxc smart trainer and I’ve realised my rear wheel is bent. Not enough to make the rim hit the roller, but you can see the tyre get squished every rev and the sound of the trainer changes. Is this urgent or can I still ride it till I solve the problem? Thank you.

Hi @Daniel_DCTurner, can you post a picture of the wheel and trainer?

Its quite a beat up mtb. Im using a Tacx Flow. Ive tried to show the part where it squishes the most, but there is nothing to show in a pic really. Thanks for the quick reply

Yeah, it is hard to tell from the picture.

Is the wheel bent so that it just wobbles a bit to the left or right as it spins? I would think it will do more damage to the bike/rim than the trainer, but don’t quote me on that.

Best to get it repaired, take the back wheel to your local bike shop and they can true it up for you.

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Yeah I think I wont risk it and just do that. Thank you for the quick replies!

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