Belt drive bike with virtual shifting

Anyone have any experience or recommendations with using a belt drive bike on a direct drive trainer (Wahoo Kickr Core) with virtual shifting? I only use my bike indoors with the trainer, so I’m curious if a belt driven bike to replace a chain would be a cleaner and more maintenance free solution. Shifting would be done virtually through Zwift and a Kickr Core trainer.

I haven’t tried it but I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work as long as you install a Hyperglide compatible belt-drive cog on the freehub, and the axle spacing of the frame is compatible with the trainer.

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Hi @dcyclist, welcome to the Forums! I’m Oscar from Zwift.
@Paul_Southworth thanks for sharing info.

I’d like to explain that belt-driven bikes or internal gear hubs such as Shimano Alfine or Nexus are not compatible with the Zwift Cog. For more information you can check this article.

This isn’t about using the Cog which only works with chain drive.

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Don’t see why not as long as you get a belt compatible cog as mentioned above. Maybe you need to make sure your frame has an eccentric hub to tighten up any slack? i.e. not sure if horizontal drops work on the trainer. I use an alfine hub bike with an indoor trainer with shifting on indievelo, erg mode on Zwift only because they don’t support my trainer but I use a single speed derailleur to tighten up the slack.