Being dropped into a solo ride from the pacer group

Four times now in the last few days, I have joined Jacques and then been kicked into a solo ride at the first road split. It only seems to happen if I have been in a race beforehand and then joined Jacques straight afterwards. Is this a known issue? I just saw a comment in-game from another rider who had the same thing happen when joining another pacer. Thanks

Hi @Emma_Widdowson5601

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How do you join the Pace Partner do you go to the home screen and select the PP and start a new ride?

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Yes that’s how I join. Once it happened after finishing a race > home screen > pp; once after finishing a group ride > home screen > pp; and today after quitting out of a race > home screen > pp

We’re working on teleportation (how you join a pace partner) currently. It’ll be a lot smoother and quicker than it currently is.

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Joining has been fine tbh, it’s just those last few rides, I’ve been 2-5km in when it’s happened. I’ve not had the same on any of the other pacers I’ve joined. I’ve never had it with Jacques before the last couple of days either. The first time it happened with Jacques, I then ended and deleted the ride, started a new ride with him and the same happened. It was fine when I then joined Genie instead. And the same today.