Bald is Beautiful or More Avatar Choices

(Paul Smith 1948 ZBR) #1

Not to put too fine a point on in, I’m mostly bald.  (I hope that’s not like mostly dead in “The Princess Bride,” but I digress.  

The shaven  hair style just looks like a stubbly shaven head and the flowing locks of the other hair options seem like, well, a lie.  

My current choice is a white mohawk as a sort of reverse bald spot.  Then I topped that with a helmet. Just. Not. Right.

I opened a ticket and suggested that ZHQ assign it to a new hire.  Their newest hire pointed me here.;-}  So, can I drum up some backing among the folliculary challenged for a fringe hairstyle?

(Scott) #2

You had me at Princess Bride. We’ll pass this along.