Badges reset feature

Is there a way to reset all my badges back to NULL?
Reasoning. I completed all the badges, then did Tron, then did the Challenges, then started racing, then some TTT, then collected jerseys which brought me to L35. Chasing Levels is a bit boring and takes so long, it’s little short term incentive.
So looking for a reason to ride, I thought let’s start V2 of collecting route badges. I’m ok with not earning the XP bonusses or getting a Route Completed banner but it would be cool if there was a way to reset the badge list (which I also keep on a spreadsheet & Zwifthub) and maybe give the avatar a corporal stripe on the arm, like rainbow bands, to show multiples of full route badge completion.
Don’t expect this to make a future feature list but maybe there a setting in the backend I can tick?