Awful experience today, constant Bluetooth disconnects!

I am using my Mac mini 2018, connected to my Sony TV via HDMI. I have connected without problems, my HR sensor, my Kadence sensor, and my Wahoo Kickr. Zwift see all the devices and when I started my ride, I have at least 12 - 15 Bluetooth disconnections. Each disconnection lasts about 7-10 seconds, in this period I lose my Kickr and Kadence but my HR sensor continuous to work correctly!! Of course my avatar every time I have a disconnection stopped and the time of the ride paused. A very bad experience ruined my ride!
If it helps my mac mini 2018 was running the game at 1080p and was connected only with 4 devices (mouse, Kickr, HR, and Kadence).
I didn’t use the Zwitf companion app on my phone and after the first 3-4 disconnections I had turned off the Bluetooth of my TV but doesn’t help.
Before the new version 12.0, I used only my Android phone mirrored in my TV and I had no problem. The quality was abysmal, 480p but no Bluetooth disconnections at all!
Please help!
Marios - Athens, Greece

Hi @Marios_Karampalis, welcome to the forums.

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you are using a new device to run Zwift and are now experiencing dropouts. One reason could be a weaker signal coming from the mac vs your Android phone. Is the Mac further away from the trainer?

Also, the kickr has integrated cadence so you could also eliminate your cadence sensor to clean up the amount of signals being broadcast.

Hi Mike,
my Mac mini is just 2m from my Kickr, I didn’t think that my pixel 4a has a better Bluetooth receiver than a Mac computer that costs double the price. I can try not to connect my Kadence sensor but here we talking about a Mac mini not an Apple TV with only 3 Bluetooth connections!? I think that probably the problem is the new update.

Yeah, you and everyone else :roll_eyes:

But seriously, update your Android and see if you get the same dropouts. You can easily test to see if it is infact the update.

You should also consider that you made a change to your setup and that may be the cause.

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The only reason that I upgrade my setup was the image quality and the fact that I had to use in my Android phone the Zwift app and the companion app and my phone’s battery at 100% last only for one 1 hour ride. I thought that a Mac mini with better Bluetooth and graphics will work better.

Get an ANT+ dongle and extension USB cable, many of us find that more stable than Bluetooth

Google “Mac mini Bluetooth range” lots of complaints about it being poor further than 5 or 6 feet, or 2 meters away…

Same with me, my Kickr disconnected from Bluetooth today at least 10 times! I use Mac mini to run Zwift. Any new solution?

Hi to everyone! Today I didn’t have any disconnection problems! I use the same setup but I just use my phone for the Bluetooth connection via Zwift companion. I did two rides without any problem. My Mac mini was connected only with my Bluetooth mouse and my phone (pixel 4a) was running Zwift companion and Spotify for my music with my Jabra Bluetooth headset. After 1.5 hours all was good and my phone lose only 20% of the battery.