average speed and watt display

add average speed and watt display please

I’m agree. In addition average watts for segments like KOM

And avg heartrate please


yep. Even if you took space on the blue page. I know its a little harsh of me, but the only thing I see of interest there is the turn left or right, and the ride on button. The rest of the stuff is fluff to me. I’d like to see that carved up like the garmin settings. .

Customizable display during ride like on a garmin device would be VERY useful.

If there could be capability like a garmin, where you have a selection of various metrics, and a certain number of placeholders on the display hub. It will be more resources to run of course as it wont be static, but very functional



EDIT - Just saw the comment above…:slight_smile:

Also missing averages, speed, watts and etc…

is there any update to this as I would also like to see avr. watts as I also cannot see it on recorded rides afterwards :frowning:


Average and Normalized Power would be both useful.

Pretty please!?!?!?