Average Miles per Hour for Ride

Seems so basic, why not?

Customizable HUD would solve this and many other similar requests.

Make sure you vote up the existing requests/suggestions for a customizable HUD: https://forums.zwift.com/search?q=customize%20HUD


Is there any evidence that upvotes affect Zwift’s priorities?


Nope, but it’s the only thing we have.

No, but I think they’d be foolish to completely fail to take them into consideration when prioritising feature requests.

They do at least give an indication of the relative popularity of suggestions.

Is there any way to sort forum posts by vote count?

Yep, If you pick a Category Like Feature Request (most I think just have it set to All Categories) on very top you can sort by Vote.

I think this will only sort those request created since the introduction of the new forums.

And it doesn’t seem to work all the well.

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