Community Forum Improvement Idea - Ranking Leaderboard

It might be helpful to the community and developers alike if the postings could be rank ordered, perhaps by the number of votes and/or comments they receive.  This need not by an exclusive order (chronological makes sense as default), but comments and suggestions that generate lots of votes might be the really good (or at least strong) suggestions to know about!

You can already do this. If you go into Feature Requests (It works in all categories), at the top you will see Sort By drop down and you can choose how you want it sorted.

i’ve looked at the top requests using “sort by” – but a bunch of them have already been added to zwift!

there is probably some merit to a leaderboard that takes into account what hasn’t yet been done and/or combines similar requests together. wouldn’t hurt to have the zwift team augment the rankings with a “yes/possibly/never” based on feasibility.

edit: i so see that you can do some filtering on planned/not planned/etc, but ideally i’d look at “not completed”.

Cool…never knew this feature “feature” existed…  checked it out…exactly what I hoped for…interesting to see what users are wishing for…  velodrome appears high on the list!