Automated virtual assistance when technical issues happen

Hello everyone.
Today I have signed up for a group ride for first time.

After few minutes, I got “technical issues”. Power went down to zero. It’s frustrating lol.

After few minutes trying to get back into the pack , I realized it would not be possible without ruining the training schedule , so I dedided to leave the session.

I missed something. A little step farther regarding to simulation. What about automated virtual Assistance? That could substantially reduce the amount of watts needed in order to back into the group.

The first idea that came to my mind was, these events need to Include some kind of automated virtual assistance when technical issues likes this happen. Vehicle for the group rides and even caravan for some races.

In theory, having development team it should not be very hard to achieve, or at least experiment with that option.

Of course the easy way is to press an icon to start count 3,2,1, and bring you straight forward into the pack, but in my opinion, to test adding assistance vehicle behind the group, or even to simulate a caravan of vehicles behind the pack in the races, … could be interesting.

“It’s just a game” is not a valid Answer to me :))



Welcome to the forum.

If this happen in the first 30 min you can logout and then re join the event, Zwift will push you to the main pack. That is if late join is enabled, most group rides have that option.


Thank you for your response. Learning by pain. This must be a quite common mistake.

Have a good ride and a nice day.
Best Regards