Auto Photos when does it take them....?

I mean seriously - why would Zwift auto choose this moment to take the automatic photo.

I’m in a recovery section so wattage is low, there’s a workout message across the screen, there’s nothing of interest at that point in the route, etc etc etc.

Why doesn’t the picture get saved from the moment of highest wattage OR the finish line OR how about each route has defined scenic photo spots (and maybe the camera could shift to a cinematic position other than the chase cam for the photo).

Zwift has an opportunity here to add some epic photos that could get shared and give them better publicity (in fact on that note where are the share to social media buttons) - but instead seemingly random photos that more often than not show nothing special !!! I know you can do all this manually but who has time for that when they’re zoned out outputting some watts…

I’m pretty certain it’s at a set time, looking at my last 2 rides, it was 38m11s. You can use the companion app to take photos whilst you’re riding though, although that’s a bit harder to remember to do when you’re at high wattage :slight_smile:

160 activity photos since Oct '20 - vast majority are 38:11 followed by 31:18

1hr rides seem to get snappy at 1:13:06