Assiomo Power Meter

Good evening all, my first ever post in here so please bear with me…

I have been Zwifting for 5 years on the same Wahoo Kickr and my indoor training bike finally gave up on me. A have fitted another new bike on the kickr with a new set of assiomo Pedal Power meters, calibrated with new firmware. In a Race I found a pleasant surprise on the increase in power.
My question is…is the wahoo kickr giving false numbers after 5 years with no real Maintence (I always recalibrate) or is the new power meter over egging my power…
I love Zwift but don’t want to be accused of fiddling my numbers… Any help would be appreciated :muscle:

I would bet you are seeing differences in the drive train efficiency if it is a reasonable amount.

I have the Assioma power meters on a Stages Bike. The SB20 has dual sided power meters and the power is also read at the flywheel. The three readings are compared for accuracy. In addition to being connected to Zwift I run the Wahoo fitness app to which I connect the Assiomas. Most generally the reading from the Stages and the Assiomas are within a few watts of each other if they are not almost exactly the same. The Stages reading has never exceeded the Assiomas that I have noticed.