Asphalt on Watopia Marina gravel roads


I hereby request a nice smooth asphalt surface on the roads around the Watopia Marina and also from Italian Village towards the Volcano. It is really annoying getting slowed down, and when there is a lot of other riders, I think it is dangerous due to limited visibility. It is a wonder that there has not been any big crashes there yet.

Further it takes a lot of time to clean my bike and re-grease all my ceramic bearings after each ride. That fine Watopian dust gets in everywhere :frowning:

So, I was thinking… We are many many Zwifters, each paying 10$ every month. Could you not just put 1$ pr. user a month, into an Asphalt fund, to pay for paving these sections before anyone gets seriously hurt?

Kind regards,


PS: On a serious note: After the change in rolling resistance on gravel, I really think these stretches should be paved. Thnx :slight_smile:

The main problem I foresee with paving this stretch of road is that it would be shut down for at least 6 months and everyone would have to find an alternate route. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Did Zwift lower their price? I’m paying $15 per month. But yes I agree, pave these stupid gravel roads. This is THE reason I avoid the Jungle Loop.

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Before rolling resistance, the Jungle loop was one of my favorites. No longer.