As of 6:00 AM EDT 8/28/2023 / All the Makuri Island RoboPacers Are on the Island Hopper Loop

As of 6:00 AM EDT 8/28/2023, all the Makuri Island RoboPacers are on the Island Hopper loop.

This doesn’t seem quite right.

Just a heads up Zwift Headquarters.

Still the same

Very annoying

@James_Zwift & @xflintx : Any input on this?

I do VERY MUCH appreciate that many of the pacers are on longer and flatter Watopia routes than they were during the last cycle. In the Cat-Ds, only Taylor seems to be climbing, which is fine since that’s the lowest Wattage pacer.

Looking ahead, the balance of routes seems much more thoughtful - good options next cycle between Makuri and Watopia, at each W/kg level.

Only Watopia pacers available on ATV this morning around 4 am EDT.

Just checked on an iPad: Makuri pacers available now, and with “correct” routes. (read: not all Island Hopper)