Apple TV automatic screenshot uploads

I’ve started using the AppleTV app and its good. However I don’t like the Apple remote. Anyone else having problems with having Zwift NOT upload screenshots to Strava? I would prefer that you needn’t do it after every ride. In addition I’ve had trouble getting the remote to remove the check mark on the screen. On both computer apps the settings screen allows to select “Never” as a choice for image uploads. I’d like the same choice on the AppleTV version.

How to make a screenshot with the remote of App. TV. ? Do not see A icon on the bottom line of the Zwift screen to make a screenshot…

Zwift is making one screenshot automatically after 35 minutes or so. And if you want to make a screenshot manually, you need the companion app on your phone. If you press the camera icon in the companion app, it will make a screenshot of your Apple TV screen.