Apple TV 4K 2022 with 1.40 update

it seems there is a bug while using the AppleTV with the pacepartners!!! at least after this update when trying to Zwift with “Bernie” my avatar fails to locate Bernie,I’m using Kickr V6 and both in WiFi or Ble mode it does not work,the avatar keeps riding alone and the Bot is nowhere in sight !!! i have already deleted and reinstalled Zwift but it does not help,on the Pc version it works ok via my pc,does anyone is having the same issue ??? best regards to all.

This issue appeared in 1.39 and has been partially fixed in 1.40 - should be fully resolved in 1.41.

Apologies for the frustration.


James The Most Great…as it happens it’s not yet fixed,just tried it via AppleTV and is not working…on the Win version all is ok,when the 1.41 version will be available ?? my best regards.

1.41 will be two weeks after 1.40, so next Wednesday if Zwift follows their typical schedule.