Apple TV 2022

I said it would probably be crappier than usual to start with, but then almost certainly get the same profile as the other models - and the same as existing A15 devices. I’ve even posted about ATV basically being a phone without a screen, almost word for word. Obviously I didn’t know they would look to enhance the graphics in future so that will be interesting to see. Then again, M1… :man_shrugging:t2:

When will we be seeing a grapic upgrade on zwift. Better details more shadows on apple tv4. Now its the same on previous generation apple tvs…I think we deserve some better resolution colours details and shadows :slight_smile:


Supposedly coming in 2023 for the latest model (only). Pure speculation but I reckon they might move it to Medium profile, but keep the resolution/frame rate at 1080p30 as it is now. This is equivalent graphics to a GT 1030, though the 1030 can do 60fps with ease when not otherwise CPU limited. Medium is a big step up from Basic, adding rider shadows and a few other features.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a graphics upgrade from the prior versions. I might actually invest in a new ATV if that happens, as we could use a second one, anyway.


I recently switched from PC to the latest ATV4K and I gotta say, the ATV graphics are incredibly disappointing.
I naively thought that as the ATV was 4k, that zwift would be in 4k.
It barely looks like 720p…let alone 4k.

Please please at the very least get middle tier graphics profile and not the absolute botton profile that its currently on, that my old ZX spectrum could probably run

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Bro, do your research :man_facepalming:


:rofl: 8

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Settle down now. They are just referencing the numerous posts already on the Forum about the graphics profile for the new ATV 4K that could have easily been found with a simple search.

Basically, the new ATV was assigned the lowest graphics when it was released because Zwift doesn’t appear to have tested it. Same thing happened with the prior version. I think it was recently upgraded to the Basic profile (same as the prior version). And there are rumors/expectations that it might get another upgrade in the coming months.

Don’t get too excited, though; the graphics are very likely to remain well below that of a decent PC.


Hi all, I’m a current ATV 4th Gen user and had been of the understanding that the latest 2022 ATV 4k was running the same Zwift profile as the old one I’ve got so didn’t see the need to upgrade.
I’ve read a post tonight which is saying that the step from mine to the latest is significant. Has anyone made the change to the latest device and is it worth doing please?

There’s no difference if you’re alteady on an Apple TV 4K. If you were on the Apple TV HD, which it what it sounds like, then there will be an improvement upgrading to any of the 4K models. I don’t think it’s a big improvement but I can’t remember the details.

Thank you Steve, that’s helpful.

Going from Apole TV HD to any of the 4K models you’ll go from 720p to 1080p resolution, a slightly higher frame rate and you’ll gain shadows on landscape features (but not for riders).

There’s been talk of a further step for 4K models later this year, but no details on exactly what that means in terms of details, timing, whether it might slip or not happen at all, etc, etc.

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Additionally, the HUD and menus render in 4K on the ATV4k. IMO, that one makes a huge difference in usability.

@Shane_Miller_GPLama did a video comparison of the ATV HD (aka “ATV Gen 4”) and original ATV4K. This URL should skip to the specific time-index: Zwift on Apple TV 4K: The A to Z User Experience (Unbox/Install/Interface/Devices) - YouTube

TL;DW: ATV HD seems noticeably choppier than subsequent 4K generations.

The UI renders in native resolution on any device, including Apple TV HD. It’s completely independent of game render resolution.

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Hi everyone,

New to Apple TV 4k 3rd Gen and was wondering which video format I should choose on my Apple TV Settings. It does not seem to make a difference whether I choose 1080, 3440x1440 or 4k, but when i choose HDR the colors seem washed out, and for that reason i chose SDR.

I read above that with the gen 3 being new, Zwift is not up to date with it, so I would not want to choose a ‘lower’ settings and miss any updates from Zwift.

What would you suggest as a ‘future proof’ setting?

There are no particular settings you can change to affect what Zwift does - Zwift will give you the profile set for the device, in this case a fairly low detail one.

If they bring a new profile for the updated Apple TV, then your Zwift should get that automatically.

This was a good read! I’ve got an ATV4K 2021 and have been keeping my eye on the Zwift situation with the ATV4K 2022 with the A15 chip.

I think once Zwift update the graphics profile I will switch, hopefully not too much longer

Yeah, I’m just about to pull the trigger on buying an ATV 4K 2022 but find myself waiting for Zwift to let the A15 Bionic do that little bit more (it should be capable). This is to replace my current Intel(R) Core™ i5-1035G4 CPU system that crashes 50% of the time.

Any updates on Zwift updates on this, we still on basic on the APTV 4K 2022?