any tips on low fps?

hey, iam new on zwift, made one sesion just for test and its great, but i have one problem. i have poor lap top with AMD Radeon HD 6290 Graphics card, 

And when i am in the game i have very low fps, watts and rpms work great, but the cyclist are moving very laggish… i switch to lowest resolution possible and it is a little better… does anyone have any tips or tricks to tweak to have a little more fps…

my processor is AMD c-60 APU with AMD Radeon HD 6290 Graphics card

and 4gb of RAM

see ya on zwift!! :slight_smile:

Hi Rok,

Without upgrade your graphics chip (which is pretty much impossible on a laptop), there’s not much you can do to increase your FPS that you haven’t already done.

Unfortunately this is a hardware limitation of the HD 6290 chip.

Thank you very much for your reply Eric. 

I will try and find some second hand laptop, with at least minimum spec. 

See u on the track. 

I messed with my config file and got things to run smoother but the quality was very low.


res 1024x576(0x)
sres 512x512
aniso 1
set gSSAO=0
set gFXAA=1
set gSunRays=0
set gHeadlight=0
set gFoliagePercent=0
set gSimpleReflections=1
set gLODBias=2