Any plan to support older trainer such as Travel Trac 2000 fluid?

(Lawrence Philip) #1

Do you guys have plan to support older trainer such as Travel Trac 2000 fluid? Trainerroad support it… so I imagine it shouldn’t be too hard to implement its power curve. I love Zwift but I cannot afford new trainer. So if I can use my current trainer effectively it will be awesome. I’m currently using my trainer by selecting unlisted classic trainer and I think my Watts seems really low.



(. TomH..) #2

Hi Lawrence, 

We would only support your trainer if we received large number of requests and because your trainer is an old one it might be quite unlikely to happen. I will create the request and we’ll see if we get some more votes from other users. I hope you understand we can’t satisfy every single trainer user in the world.

Thanks a lot for your enquiry, good luck and Ride On!

(Tim Haibach) #3

I’m in the same boat my friend. I have an old VOLARE mag trainer. I do agree that the non listed “classic” trainer seems to calculate wattage on the low side. The only option would be to select one of the supported classic trainers in an attempt to get a little closer to realistic numbers.

(Lawrence Philip) #4

Luckily I found a friend who have a supported trainer that was willing to trade with mine. So, my problem is solved.