Another newb asking for workout advice - thoughts on best Zwift training for Snowboard fitness?

I started on Zwift about two months ago after a very long period of no cycling (think decades) and no regular fitness training. My FTP is pretty low, but I just finished the 6 week FTP builder and am already seeing improvements. I increased my FTP about half-way through program and I plan to do another FTP test in the next few days. It’s probably still pretty low (~150) but I’m happy with my progress, not to mention I’ve lost 5 pounds. All that to say I’m very impressed with Zwift and find myself looking forward to the training sessions, both of which are big wins for me.

The primary reason I started Zwifting was to gain some fitness for the upcoming snowboard season, although I’m now enjoying cycling and Zwifting as it’s own goal rather than just a means to fitness. That said, I’m still very focused on improving my fitness and strength for snowboarding this winter.

The advice/opinion I’m looking for is on what Zwift training sessions I should consider now that I finished the beginner FTP? Snowboarding will likely start in about two months, so what would be the best training to strengthen my anaerobic fitness and leg strength. I.e. should I be looking at the some of the mountain bike orientated trainings like ‘Pebble Pounder’ or would I be better served just doing another round of the FTP Builder or the Build Me Up programs?

thanks in advance for any tips you all can provide.

lots of training programmes that are tailored to your levels on zwift such as TT and Crit riding they are great for strength work i use for the snowboard season also. Try the quick ramp test for a snap shot of FTP without the long warm up you just ride to best effort. Or use the trg bots in Watopia with various levels of wattage to ride at - you can play on and off the back of the ride and improves your fitness quickly

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Just ride a lot and you should be fine. If you like riding moguls, maybe ride steep hills (Alpe d’Zwift, Innsbruck reverse KOM) at 100% trainer difficulty once or twice a week.

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