Annual Mileage Total?

How to I determine the number of cycling miles logged on Zwift for a particular calendar year?

Add the elevate app to chrome and you can see it then in strava.

I don’t want to use Chrome, anything for Firefox?

You can use strava calender view and add each month.

He has on his website same plugin for Firefox too:

Nice find.

I just use Strava with no plugins and it shows my distance for swimming, biking and running. Not sure if that’s because I have Summit or not.

Strava will show your annual distance without being a summit member. Go to your profile on the desktop website, not mobile app, and you can get your stats.


Thanks, I know my total mileage, I would like my annual zwift miles.

Garmin connect separates my virtual rides from my real rides free of charge

Strava has become such a money grubbing site, I find it less and less useful over time


Sign up with that will give you your what you want I think, you see mine below.


You can see your full Zwift activity and with the export option, get it in a spreadsheet and away you go, all for free :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to upload to third party sites there is Golden Cheetah. “This Year” is one of the default ranges on the trends page.


Did you see the new beta (golden cheetah) can pull from strava, sweet!

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I don’t use social for tracking, so no. I knew it could upload to Strava.

Thank you Ward! Indeed it does, go to Calendar, select any month of the year you want, near the top right select Year, it will then show 12 months with bar for any day in which you logged an activity. Then go down to the bottom of the page and for Year Totals, select Virtual Cycling. Of my 6K miles, 4165 were virtual, just what I wanted to know.

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