Android app crash

(Robin Swinton) #1

Anyone else having problems with the android app crashing over and over again?

(Aldo Cella) #2

Hi, yes, there is this topic you can follow and add to as well if you wish.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

If you are having issues with your app, please submit a support ticket. It’s the best way to get that problem logged.


(Aldo Cella) #4

Hi Eric, yes, I do have a support case open for myself and I agree. Everyone should have one .

(Robin Swinton) #5

I have figured out the problem. I noticed a Zwift official answer in the other android thread said to make sure you’re on the same wifi network as the program. I didn’t realize you needed to be on wifi for it to work. Everything is fine now.