Amazing first experience

First of all:

Zwift is amazing it makes soooo much fun and is very good built for a beta version.

Wanted to do an easy 30min recovery ride and have finished after more than 1h.


A few issues I have realized during my ride.

  1. Sometimes I had power/cadence dropouts. I’m not sure this is due to my power meter (garmin vector), USB dongle or Zwift. The dropout occures not in special time sequence nor at special place. It just occurs spontaniously.


  1. The graphic is very amazing and it is a very nice atmosphere where it never gets boring to ride. But some graphic errors occures (doe not have any influence for my game experience) but as feedback could maybe help you. The first is that the tree we drive thru is standing on the left side (driving clockwise) in the air. So that you can through the ground and the tree. The second one is that some light reflections looking very unrealistic and not at the right place.


  1. It is more a question or idea regarding drafting. As the in real world the drafting effect is depending on the distance you were riding behind some. Is that also happening in the Zwift world? And when yes, could it be possible to have a bar graph which shows at what possible percentage you were riding?


Thank you very much for this great game. All in all I would say it’s like Super Mario Kart for cyclists :wink:


Keep on




Hi Sascha,

Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate your feedback and let’s see if we can address some of your question:

  1. Most likely you will need to use a USB extension cable to bring your ANT+ dongle closer to your equipment to prevent drop-outs. All sorts of interference can cause drop-outs.

  2. Yeah, these are known art issues. We’ll get them fixed for sure :slight_smile:

  3. It is! We’ll be constantly modifying how we do drafting and how we represent it as the beta progresses.

Thanks again!