Alpe Du Zwift issues?

To all,

I just attempted going up the Alpe; however, not even before the first turn, my wattage dropped to less than 100. I stopped the bike and restarted, and my wattage came back up to 195 but after another minute, it dropped to less than 100. I was not altering my riding but i did shift down gears… Any issues…

Mike I have ridden it three times but no issues.  However, I see the potential for  issues with MPH if your watts per kilo is too low.  I know anything under and up to about 1.5-2.0w/kg is ~3mph.  That would take a long time to get to the top.  I know even at 2.5-2.8 it takes close to an hour and a half.   So anything else maybe its getting confused with how fast you are going or even if you are going but I’m not the expert.    

I can say from experience that climbing the Alpe @ < 1.5 w/kg is not a problem.  Us old fat guys need to get our climbing in too.