Alienware Alpha

(Marge Kaufmann Kaufmann 65 RO4H) #1

I was on the Dell website and they were offering a promo code for a Alienware cycling jersey with the purchase of a Alienware Alpha machine. Is this promo code 

expired? I hope not, or can we access this code through Zwift? Any information would be greatly appreciated

(Scott) #2

The promo code is very much alive. You’ll receive it upon checkout from the Alienware Zwift landing page. Then all you need to do is hit “p” on your keyboard and enter the code. 

(Marge Kaufmann Kaufmann 65 RO4H) #3

I have been trying to get an alienware alpha since Sept 21, back orders 9/22, 9/27, 10/22,and finally 12/12. i give up bad customer service, if there is some way to get at least a jersey promo form Zwift is would be awesome.  I got my AL Alpha But not from Dell. Thanks in advance for any consideration.




(T Dunscombe) #4

Have to say Dell customer service is terrible!  Ordered my Alpha 3 weeks ago and it was inexplicably cancelled after the shipping date began to magically float out with no notification from Dell.  I’ve been on hold for just over 44 minutes now trying to reach customer service.  HELP!  Any recommendations on other reasonably priced machines that produce good graphics quality on Zwift would be appreciated.  

(Marge Kaufmann Kaufmann 65 RO4H) #5

I had the same problem with Dell. The customer (No-service) is horrible. I had 3 different orders and everyone was back ordered with no explanation. I told them to stick their Alienware Alpha and went to Best Buy website and had it in One Day. No regrets, I love the thing and I am glad I have one.


(Y ohans) #6

Jersey code can be found here. Rideon,284 


(Stuart Alexander) #7

 I had the same problem with Dell. The customer service is horrible. I had 2 different orders and both were back ordered with no explanation. I asked them to cancel my order and all of a sudden the discussion was ended…Really is that’s how a customer gets treated? Took a Hour on the phone to get it canceled…