Advise on GPU: Nvidia vs AMD


I want to build a new PC, will be intel based i5 13400F CPU, now I need to decide on the GPU.
Based on reviews I found that the AMD 6650xt is great value for 1080 gaming, but found out later that Nvidia may be the better choice for Zwift.

Anybody any experience with the 6650xt? This GPU costs EUR 275,- , what would be the best alternative Nvidia that allows running Ultra at 1080, 60fps?


AMD gpu’s are fine nowadays, they recently updated their OpenGL portion of the drivers with a massive performance uplift as a result. Only if you are planning on recording or streaming, a Nvidia gpu would be the better choice. I’m running two systems, one with a RX 6700 XT and one with a Nvidia RTX 2060 super, both 1080p 60fps Ultra.

Hi Gerke, Thank you for your feedback! After reading your post I found some posts about the updates op the OpenGL drivers. Good to hear I can stick to my GPU of choice, I was happy with my choice that seems to be good balance between cost and performance. The alternative would have been to buy used but I prefer buying something more recent.

By the way: by looking at your name it looks like you are from the Netherlands too?

Hallo Jeroen, Klopt! :slight_smile: Succes met de bouw van je systeem, laat me weten hoe het gaat.

Some AMD GPUs are still at Basic profile…even when they are similar to NVidia gpus in performance in other games. For 1080p you can get by with a fairly middle-aged Nvidia…

ZPCMR - Zwift PC Masters & Riders | Facebook,
on Facebook has loads of information on PC specs for Zwift.

for zwift a 1080ti or something like that should be more than enough and well within your budget. maybe there’s an even cheaper option. i think pretty much anything semi recent will do. do check out the facebook group that chris posted though, it’s got some nice guides in the files section

Ok my Mac (old Intel Xeon X5690) it has a RX6600XT and runs Zwift excellent in 4K Ultra.

The RX6600XT was pretty cheap as well, so very happy. I think both Nvidia and AMD are good options now for PC.