Advice on buying frames/wheels

Here is the speed chart for wheels

Save to have enough for the key upgrades, aeroad at level 10
Dr swiss wheels at level 6

The zwift aero frame is a good upgrade at level 6 as well

Then get the 808 wheels at level 13

Don’t waste drops on mtn bike gravel bike or tt, eventually you will have more drops than you have a use for but early on drops are precious

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Everybody has a Zwift MTB and it performs well.
I hope Zwift develops more mtb trails.
The jungle should be a gravel trail and not MTB.

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Ward, hi. Hope your evening is going well. Thank you for your response. In assessing all the input from everyone I’ve been leaning in the same direction you’ve recommended. Instead of waiting to amass more points for higher rated equipment I’ll get the key upgrades whenever I’m able to. At this point I can get the DT Swiss ARC 62 wheels but it will cost me almost all the drops I have. Going with your encouragement that I’ll have more drops than I can use at some point, I’ll just hope to recover the cost of the wheels a little faster than it took to buy them. Thanks again and have great weekend.

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I waited a while until I bought the Cannondale Evo and a set of Enve ses3.4 wheels. it took me about a month of riding (± 450km) to be able to unlock them. super worth it to wait and save. (this is one of the best setups you can get for climbing)

I personally think they’re good wheels