Adult beginner rider... is zswift appropriate

Hi. I am just learning to ride a bike as an adult. Is Zswift a good option? Are there other folks like me that will be riding slow? Will I be dropped all the time? Are there set rides I can follow to increase my endurance and speed?

Any suggestions or tips will be welcomed.

If you have all the gear then give it a go. I believe there some free trial to test it out.

Zwift will help your leg strength and fitness, obviously it isn’t going to teach you to handle a bike.

There are workouts that you can do individually that are based on your FTP (which is a number that represents how many watts you could do for an hour if your life depended on it). So you can do a ramp test to determine your FTP and then the workouts will/should be the right difficulty for you.

Most of the group rides will be too fast (I’m assuming) but there are some slow ones too. Once you know your FTP and then divide that number by your weight in kg you’ll know if the group rides are too fast/hard as they are described using watts/kilogram.

You can also just ride around the worlds. Most people will be faster than you but there will be other people going slow. You can also turn your internet off while riding to make everyone disappear if you don’t like seeing them, and then back on before you finish your ride.

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There’s a ton of riders of all levels on zwift. Whatever level you’re at you won’t be alone. No matter how fast you are there will be faster riders and similarly no matter how slow you are there will be others slower than you

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As Ben wrote, some cycling skills can only be practiced outside.

But there’s plenty you can learn on Zwift, inside. Seemingly basic stuff, from sitting on the saddle with the saddle set at the right height, to pedaling smoothly, to changing gears to keep your pedaling cadence smooth as you go up and down the terrain.

And then there are pack skills, riding around other people. Real world riding isn’t exactly like Zwift, but learning to keep up on a Zwift group ride is useful.

Some groups I’d recommend you to look for are the Herd, ZER, and ZSun.

You can look for group rides easily at

Below are some examples of using a filter at Zwifthacks to find some possible group rides. To start with, look for “D” rides. Another indicator is “sub” in the title. The groups that follow their advertised pace (not all do) will ride around 2 watts of effort per kilogram of body weight, or 1.5, or 1.2, etc. Obviously, the lower the number, the more suitable it is for people just starting to build cycling strength.

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Thanks Ben.