Adjust weight after a ride is started

I started my Tour de Sky ride today and 5 minutes into the ride I adjusted my weight in the Companion app. When will Zwift do the calculations based on the new weight - starting in a middle of a ride or from my next ride? My time on Alpe du Zwift was 61 minutes so kind of curious whether my 1 kg weight reduction is calculated into this finish time.

Why would you need to change your weight?

I have lost one 1 kg over the last week without adjusting Zwift.

Hej Gunnar

My personal experience on Win10/iOS ZCA is.:

If you chance your weight on the ZCA during a ride, it doesn’t update your rider weight in game on that ride,
If you come to a stop and change you weight ingame, it will update and use your weight for the rest of the ride - but you’ll have to restart the ZCA for it to get your new weight setting from the game.

Or you can do as a lot of the guys I meet on the Alp, just ride at 40 or 50 Kg. and try if faking and cheating also works irl :wink:


yep what’s more concerning is that wtrl and Zwift are saying it’s been known about for 2 years but they haven’t thought to do anything about it.

Sounds like something easy to fix but cheats have been getting away with it for a long time without being punished it seems.


they’d rather punish those trying to help in chasing the cheaters, in this case me, by banning me for 30 days for having publicly mentioned something already public here :slight_smile:



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Is this true zwift?

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publically sharing details of how to cheat a game system, regardless of whether that cheat is already public or not, is typically a bannable offence, especially if you are of “influencer” status…!

(not sure exactly what you did and whether it is truly bannable, but that support message looks like they are pretty mad!)

If pointing at a functional issue already reported many times and not solved in two years, and acknowledged to be well known and spread by WTRL, is a bannable offense, then what about the absolute negligence in solving the issue in the first place? When the finger points at the sky, the fool looks at the finger…

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I welcome the info on the “hack/cheat” is made public. It is in the interest of all racers to know that their opponents could be cheating.

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