Adjust weight after a ride is started

I started my Tour de Sky ride today and 5 minutes into the ride I adjusted my weight in the Companion app. When will Zwift do the calculations based on the new weight - starting in a middle of a ride or from my next ride? My time on Alpe du Zwift was 61 minutes so kind of curious whether my 1 kg weight reduction is calculated into this finish time.

Why would you need to change your weight?

I have lost one 1 kg over the last week without adjusting Zwift.

Hej Gunnar

My personal experience on Win10/iOS ZCA is.:

If you chance your weight on the ZCA during a ride, it doesn’t update your rider weight in game on that ride,
If you come to a stop and change you weight ingame, it will update and use your weight for the rest of the ride - but you’ll have to restart the ZCA for it to get your new weight setting from the game.

Or you can do as a lot of the guys I meet on the Alp, just ride at 40 or 50 Kg. and try if faking and cheating also works irl :wink: