Add zwift control icons to the touch bar of Macbook Pro

It’d be nice to have the same control icons that we have at the bottom of the screen (camera switch, U-Turn, pause workout,“Toast”, “Wave”, etc.) and in the companion app’s Game->Map view.
The touch bar is a very natural place to put these control icons: it’s wide so it can accommodate all of them at once, it’s always visible and touch bar icons don’t obstruct the game view.

Currently in the companion app icons are only displayed on the first game screen and also not visible all at once due to the screen width, so e.g. to take a screenshot I have to navigate to the Game view and then to Map (which is not default in the workout mode) and then scroll to the right - too cumbersome.
On the computer screen icons are normally hidden unless I click a mouse twice with some delay in between, and also aren’t visible all at once.

Agreed! Especially since the Fn has to be pressed to get them to show up. Just make the Fn items Touch Bar items for single finger usage.