Add special stops along the way to buy gear

It would be fun to be able to stop along the way at certain places and be able to buy gear there.

For example, the crab shack could sell a jersey with a big crab. Or the old-time building with the big dino could sell socks with a dino print on them.

The idea would be that if you stop your bike next to places like these, then click the garage icon, there would be a way to see these “easter egg” options for sale. Make the shop geo-smart enough to show location-based offerings.

It would mean riding out to that location, of course, but I’d rather spend a million droplets on such a treasure than just another frame or set of wheels.


If Zwift wanted to pay me, I could set up a little virtual bike shop on the Makuri coast somewhere. Instead of getting to the Drop Shop via the menu, you have to get in the game and ride there. I’ll be there with my VR goggles on, showing you all the nice frames and rims we have in stock.

If they wanted to add mechanicals and flats into the software, I could do some virtual wrenching too :smiley:

Maybe tweak the Tron bike so it needs frequent tune ups for its fast but fickle high technology.

If it doesn’t get a tune up (paid for by drops), it slows down a bit. :wink:

That would make tron used spend their huge amounts of drops. :wink: