Easier drop shop access away from riding

Training time is rare and precious, so when I have mounted my bike on the roller and launched Zwift I want to ride. On tge otger hand, tge drops earned with lots of hard effort and sweat want to be spent well. This means, take my time and browse the drop shop extensively without rush to find and buy nice in game gear.
Currently access to the drop shop is only possible via the Zwift application, i.e. need to spend part of my training time on or beside the roller for “drop shopping”.
-> If the drop shop was accessible in my account on the Zwift website or via companion app without being “in the game” for cycling, all drop shopping could be done whenever I have time between exercises - on tge sofa, during train commuting etc.

What are your thoughts? Who else would love to have this feature added to Zwift?

Ride on!