Add direct links to ride podcasts in ride descriptions

Hey Zwift HQ.

I’ve done several rides this year that had in-built podcasts - the first were “Justin William’s Podcast Rides” during Black History Month, and today a Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift “Watch Party Ride”.

While I loved the integration of the podcast directly into the game, today I would have preferred to listen via another service (Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc).

I was able to find the Justin William’s podcast but the Watch Party podcast didn’t come up in any searches.

How about making a direct hyperlink to places we can find the ride audio outside the game?

I’d like the option of listening through my phone instead of via the game. (and ATV users have a BLE connection limit so BLE headphones aren’t practical there)

BROADER ISSUE: it would be nice to see a more cohesive, consistent social-media presence from Zwift instead of relying on other sites to connect people with events, clubs, media.