Add ANT+ Temperature Sensor support

Add ANT+ Temperature Sensor support to Zwift please

This data field is at least supported on both Garmin Connect and Strava, it is helpful for post training analysis

Do you have an ANT+ temperature sensor? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one.

The usage of speed/cadence/power sensors in Zwift is so that the game can determine how fast you are moving along the virtual GPS course.

While I can understand why you would want temperature, it would not be of any use to Zwift in calculating how fast you are moving.

Yes, HR is one of those sensors that also don’t contribute to helping Zwift determine how fast you are moving but in the grand scheme of things I think HR is a more useful metric for most people rather than temperature and that’s why Zwift supports HR and not temperature.

In addition, when Zwift creates your .FIT file for the ride, it would be kind of odd to have a “real” temperature vs. a virtual temperature recorded. Remember, the .FIT file contains GPS data that corresponds to actual locations on the planet. So if temperature were included in the .FIT file, I would think it would be a virtual temperature corresponding to the virtual weather of Watopia or Richmond while you were riding.

If you have a Garmin, or similar, you can record your ride on there in conjunction with what Zwift records. Then using tools online, you could extract temperature data from the Garmin .FIT file and merge it with the .FIT file generated by Zwift.



Turns out there is such a thing as a ANT+ temperature sensor. Not convinced it has anything other than novelty value in Zwift though.


I think the OP is referring to how Garmin and other head units for outdoor use track temperature, primarily for use with their barometric altimeters.  The problem is that the device isn’t broadcasting this information even if the head unit is paired to more than on Ant+ device.

As an aside I’ve seen enough indoor ride files to say pretty confidently that the temperature simply just rises steadily in the room.  I’m not convinced it would be very useful but I may be overlooking something.