Activities tab on Zwift Companion APP has been replaced by My List

I just noticed that the Activities tab on my ZC APP has been replaced by My List. I now have to go to “More” menu to access Activities. Is there any way to replace the My List on the ZC APP home screen with Activities (the way it used to be)? Thanks.

I noticed this as well. Not an improvement since My List is not as commonly accessed

Thanks Paul for your quick feedback. I agree with you that it is “not” a commonly used or accessed tab. I realize this is “not a first world problem”, but it would be great if Zwift could either change the My List back to Activities or allow the bottom tabs to be interchangeable with those items under the Menu tab.

But there’s already a big orange Activities bar on the home screen you can click so not sure why you’d also need a tab at the bottom.

Whoa! Thanks James for pointing this out for I did “not” realize the orange Activities bar is active. Doh! Great catch and yes, I agree, Activities tab is “not” needed on the bottom of the screen. Thanks!

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