Active Category Enforcement feature

sound like you need to do TT racing, and not group racing. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not open to the entire community, I asked for it to be added to my event coming up next Monday and got this reply:

“currently we aren’t allowing the use of the active category enforcement for community events as we’re still working out some issues.”

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I have been hit by this feature several times even though I don’t win races and other people go faster than me, It hits me when I go for a hard sprint for about 30 secs. Yes I can sprint fast once or twice but I usually die after that. I think the algorithm needs to be removed. the way to make it fair is to change the rules . If you win in a category more than 10 times let’s say you can’t race in this category anymore. The other thing to note is people who want to win at all cost will cheat. If they get satisfaction winning by cheating well let it be. Who cares we will know who they are are not take any notice of them.

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