Is there a place to view the achievements that I’ve earned and those that I have not gotten yet? Do they unlock anything in the game?

Not yet. Achievements give you big bonuses to your rider score, which in turn unlocks jerseys and bike components, and whole bicycles.

+1 on this. I thought I saw a message saying that I reached level 2 and unlocked a new jersey, but I everything is still locked in the customization menu so maybe I was just seeing things (or its not built into the game yet). I’d also love to be able to see a list of all the achievements with the ones we’ve already achieved marked off.

so far I’ve seen

500+ watts for 10s
drafting a rider for x seconds
(i think I’ve seen these)
1k watts or 1.1k watts max

Try scrolling further.
I noticed I had unlocked something but not visible on top of the list. I had to get over some unlocked slots to select it.

100 km gives you 500xp