Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has any info on the additional achievements?  There used to be 32 but now when I log on it tells me I have completed 32 of 45 of them.  However the remaining 13 are not listed.  




My “Your Achievements” page says I’ve achieved 32/47. But I’ve achieved all but two of the achievements named on that page (no “UNEMPLOYED” and no “ON FIRE!”).

So I’ve also got the page telling me that there are 13 unnamed achievements.

I’ve completed 27/45 achievements.

By my count, there are 5 that I have not done.  So where are the other 13??? What are the other 13???  




I make it there are 36 are cycling achievements. The rest are running achievements.

Thanks Nigel! That makes a lot of sense!