A Quest For Accurate Data

After being a cycling Zwifter for many a year I wanted to turn my hand to running on Zwift. I have an issue with data accuracy so it was key I recorded my runs correctly. This is a tale of how I’ve eventually gotten to where I’m happy.

My treadmill isn’t a smart one so I bought a used Gamin Forerunner 735XT. However the distance recorded on this compared to the treadmill was well out. The 735XT has now treadmill calibration option so I sold it.

I then bought a Fenix 5. This has the option to calibrate. Prior to calibration is over recorded the distance compared to treadmill. Post calibration it under recorded.

I then experimented with the Treadmill Speed Transmitter app to be able to link to. If you run at the same pace throughout then great it’ll do the job but if you increase the speed on the treadmill you need to tell the app this also. Not easy to do when you’re running and have a sweaty hand.
I then linked the watch to it and used the watch data to send to the app which then sent it to Zwift. Again it under recorded the distance.

I sold the 5 and bought a Fenix 6 which has the Virtual Run option. This means the watch sends data direct to Zwift but is still reliant upon the swinging of your arm. It didn’t react to minor speed changed and thus under recorded again.

So I toyed with a Zwift Pod but the reviews were mixed. In the end bought a NPE Runn.

Installation took 5 minutes. 2 stickers used and calibrated prior to the run. It reacts to speed changes on the treadmill pretty quickly. Completed a 5 mile run. The treadmill hit 5 miles and Zwift was 4.99. I guess the difference being the time for the belt to get up to speed.

So if you want to be able to record your Zwift running accurately and pretty much hassle free then for me the NPE Runn is the way forward.

Part of the issue with the Garmin devices was even when you ran the calibration at the end of the run and told it the actual distance run as opposed to what the watch thought, it still uploaded the original distance to Strava!!!

By the way I’ve kept the Fenix 6 as it’s good for other stuff too!!!