A different Kind of Velodrome

Like PCM’s velodrome, a playable feature in the iOS version for when we can’t actually Zwift. A ridable velodrome is stupid without the ability to steer, but if it were just a game we could play while sitting on the bus, or at lunch at work when we can’t actually ride, that would be really cool. 

Another take on the same thing - allow watchers to present animated avatars at the roadside (‘fans’) who can cheer and heckle the riders. That would give you something to do when not riding that could interact with the live riders. You could give the spectators costumes and props as rewards for various in-game achievement levels.

Doesn’t even had to be a velofrome - I’ve suggested being able to fly a plane around Watopia. It would be pretty cool to have some way to be able to interact in Watopia when you aren’t able to be working out.