800 Watts max?

Hi there I’m to zwift I’m using a Vortex smart (I’m on a budget) I have a FTP of 280 and weigh 95kg I’ve never had a power meter before so have nothing to compare it too but I can only seem to get a maximum of 800w on sprints and it just seems like I can actually produce more than that but the trainer is stopping at 800w?

Wheel on trainer are known for bad accuracy,after i got myself some accurat powermeters(assioma) my ftp went down 50watts! 800w in a sprint isnt bad,if you want real numbers power meter is a must.
Ride on😀

If I get a powermeter can I still use the controllable aspect of the trainer to simulate the gradients at the same time?


Yes, a lot of Zwifters do that.

That is exactly what I do. And it is awesome, I now have the same power meter inside and outside.

Your max power may also be related to your bike setup, what are your cadence at 800W. What is your biggest gear ratio?